- Nice bubbling pot of chili!

Chili for a chilly day!

Watch the snowflakes flutter down as I dig into a nice bowl of chili.

1y ago

One of my favorite cold weather foods. The smell of the chili powder and cumin, the peppers and onions sautéing, all the wonderful smells filling the house. Anticipation builds as you sit down to that nice warm bowl of chili. As you eat it, it fills you with warmth from the inside out. A peanut butter sandwich to go with it or perhaps a piece of cornbread? Nice thick mess of burger, beans, onions, peppers and a nice tomato based sauce filled with your favorite seasonings. We normally eat our chili spicy, but this was a mild batch. How do you like your chili? What do you eat with it? Peanut butter sandwich or cornbread?

Where's the Doritos at?

Where's the Doritos at?

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