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Chipotle staff raise concerns over food safety

Employees have claimed that pressure is leading to “cutting corners”

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Staff at Chipotle locations in New York City have raised concerns over food safety.

A total of 47 current and former employees allege that that Chipotle’s managerial practices - which include pay bonus programs, cleanliness audits and sick leave policy - are putting food safety at risk.

The allegations were made in a report obtained by Business Insider. Workers claimed that that bonuses paid to restaurant managers are based on performance goals "that include minimizing labor costs," creating a "highly pressurized environment." That pressure can lead to "cutting corners on food safety," according to staff.

This news comes following recent allegations that the company has been violating child labor laws.

In the report it was also claimed that managers are often told in advance when a restaurant will be inspected for cleanliness, so they can be prepared.

Chipotle said in a statement to Delish: “We are proud of our industry leading food safety practices and we are committed to a culture of food safety in our restaurants where employees are supported and heard.

“Chipotle’s engaged and hard-working employees are what makes us great, and we encourage our employees to contact us immediately, including through an anonymous 800 number, with any concerns so we can investigate and respond quickly to make things right.

“We will follow up on every allegation once we have access to the information. Chipotle offers a quarterly bonus for ALL employees, which includes managers and hourly crew members, with up to a month’s worth of pay per year. Following proper food safety procedures is a requirement to achieve this bonus so it actually reinforces our best practices with everyone in the restaurant.

“Chipotle is committed to creating a safe and engaging work environment for its employees by offering industry-leading benefits such as debt-free degrees, tuition reimbursement up to $5,250 per year, competitive health benefits and quarterly bonuses for all employees.”

What are your views on this latest scandal to hit Chipotle?

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