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Chocolate websites see surge in Easter orders

But the massive demand has caused many to crack under the pressure...

1y ago

Do you remember an annual event called Easter? When you were five years old, it was the third most exciting time of the year (after your birthday and Christmas, of course) – but now it’s just an inconvenience filled with the dread of being forced to eat ten thousand tonnes of chocolate and pretending to enjoy it.

If you continue to revel in the delights of Easter then you still are five years old. Don’t let the dark sacks around your eyes and the brown envelopes in the post tell you otherwise. You may also have a problem.

Obviously, like literally everything else at the moment, this problem is inextricably linked to Covid-19 (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as the Easter bunny having to self-isolate).

Firstly, because of panic buying, supermarkets decided to limit the amounts of each product customers could buy, which weirdly included Easter eggs – despite actual mountains of the things towering across stores. Then, the government imposed movement restrictions that limited people to leaving the house only for essential reasons – and buying over-sized chocolate eggs probably isn’t one of those reasons.

So, now everyone has flocked online in a last-ditch attempt to refill their household’s chocolate supplies for the next twelve months. Unfortunately – despite obvious good news for the accountants – chocolate firms have been struggling to cope with the excess demand, and their websites have suffered as a result.

Thorntons is one of these companies and has regularly been closing down its website early in the morning in order to stop its order fulfilment becoming overloaded. Despite its online shop being reopened at 9am every morning, the site has consistently been reported as being closed within the hour (with some users alleging that they couldn’t even place an order at the nine o'clock start time).

Cadbury, too, has been left with (Creme) egg on its face as a result of its website. The famous chocolate producer has had customers queuing to try and purchase some goodies in time for Easter Sunday, but many have been unsuccessful – with some being held in queues with thousands of other users. It must be like visiting Alton Towers.

Clearly, if you’re desperate to get your sugar rush sorted for 12 April you’d better get your Easter egg hunting on the go now. Alternatively, you could finish off that chocolate you’ve still got from Christmas 2017.

What Easter eggs have you been buying?

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