Choose wisely: How to spot a cracking bottle of Prosecco

Prepare to pop your cork with pride...

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Despite the fact that Prosecco is a quintessentially Italian tipple, it’s become somewhat of a British institution over the last few years – so much so that, according to wine experts Mionetto, ‘Prosecco o’clock’ is now officially a thing here in the UK (that’s 6:58 pm every Saturday, FYI).

But how do you go about choosing a bottle that’s worthy of the name Prosecco? Simple. Follow this easy guide to spotting a cracking bottle of the good stuff – and prepare to pop your cork with pride.

Weed out the imitators

Not all bottles bearing a Prosecco label are guaranteed to contain the real thing; in fact, Prosecco blends (and even – gasp – outright counterfeits) could be sitting on a supermarket shelf near you.

To identify authentic Prosecco, look out for bottles with a seal and a label with the words “Prosecco DOC” and “Product of Italy”; DOC stands for “Denominazione di origine controllata”, which means “Denomination of Controlled Origin” in English. Any bottle bearing its label is guaranteed to be of the highest quality – and to contain Prosecco produced within the designated Prosecco-making regions of Veneto and Friuli.

And remember: to be real Prosecco, your bottle of fizz must be made with at least 85% Glera grapes (famous green-skinned grapes that have been grown in Veneto and Friuli for hundreds of years).

Go upmarket with a DOCG bottle

When Saturday evening rolls around and only the very finest Prosecco will do, consider upgrading your bottle from DOC to DOCG (“Denomination of Controlled Origin Guaranteed”). This label denotes Prosecco that comes from the highly regarded Conegliano Valdobbiadene region, which is subject to even more stringent laws than DOC products.

Really want to show off? Demonstrate your Prosecco nous and bring out a bottle from the Cartizze Hills – an area that’s renowned for having the finest possible conditions for Glera grape-growing.

Know your Prosecco preferences

Of course, the main thing to think about when choosing a bottle of Prosecco is whether it’ll suit your own individual taste or not. The good news is, whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or prefer something a little more robust, there’s definitely a Prosecco out there that’ll suit you down to the ground.

Like your fizz sweet? It seems counter-intuitive, but your best bet is to choose a dry Prosecco with a sugar content of around 17-32g. Prefer a drier flavour? Opt for a brut variety with around 12g of sugar. And if you’re somewhere in between? Go extra dry, with a sugar content of around 12-17g.

Choose Prosecco from a trusted winemaker

For a tipple that’s sure to satisfy, go for a famous, well-established brand like Mionetto – a traditional winemaker that’s been producing superior quality sparkling wines in the heart of the Valdobbiadene area for a hundred years.

With a wide range of DOC and DOCG products to suit every taste (from extra dry to brut and everything in between), sometimes it really does pay to leave it to the experts. You can find out more about Mionetto here.

Want to give your glass of fizz a citrus twist? Check out our Mionetto Lemon Fizz cocktail recipe.

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