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ChowNow is launching a loyalty program so you can support local restaurants

Your membership fee gets you a discount every time you order

1y ago

ChowNow, a digital ordering platform for indie restaurants, has just launched a new loyalty program. The ‘Loyal Local’ scheme allows you to support local restaurants while getting ongoing discounts on your orders. ChowNow’s aim is to “help local restaurants thrive” — a goal which of course is now more urgent than ever.

The membership program, which officially launched this week, basically works like a subscription service. You pre-pay a one-year membership fee to join (100% of which goes to the restaurants) and then you get a discount as a perk whenever you order.

Based on the level of membership you choose (there’s bronze, silver or gold), you’ll get up to 25% off every order you make at participating restaurants for a full year. A bronze status membership is $25/year and gets users a 10 percent discount. Silver is $40/year for 15 percent, while gold is $100/year for 25 percent.

The membership only works for orders made directly through the restaurant; the idea is that it develops a more direct relationship between the restaurants and you, their local customers. It also reduces the commission fees charged by the likes of Grubhub.

ChowNow announced that it has added over 670 restaurants to its platform over the last couple weeks in California, Illinois, New York, and other states.

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