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    Chrissy Teigen is here to settle your food-related debates

    Teigen gives her ruling on the ages-old debate: is a hot dog a sandwich?

    35w ago


    Whether she’s rating Girl Scout cookies through an elaborate emoji ranking or investigating French fries, we can always rely on Chrissy Teigen for first-rate food content.

    And now the TV star and food obsessive is here to settle all your food-related debates (and non food-related questions, for that matter).

    Teigen was on Twitter this past week answering some fairly pressing (read: totally trivial) questions. It was to promote her show Chrissy’s Court which is streaming next month. It’s a Judge Judy-style show in which the star will weigh in on petty arguments.

    If the show is anything like Teigen’s Twitter game, we’re all in for a treat.

    Firstly there was this no-nonsense ruling:

    And then there was this super-important butter hygiene PSA:

    The attention to detail in this answer is second to none:

    And oh my, the shade:

    🧀 What food-related debates are you currently having at home? 🧀

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