Chrissy Teigen trades her homemade banana bread for lettuce

The model and TV personality caused a stir this week as she exchanged cake for vegetables

1y ago

Baking has been a tremendous stress reliever for many during this very peculiar time we're living in. Chrissy Teigen, TV personality, model and author, has shown us that it's not just us regular folk that are getting the mixers out of the back of the cupboard.

That's right, the Hollywood elite have been whisking, mixing and baking too. Teigen's been wowing fans on social media with her banana bread, and this week her loaves became a bartering tool.

Teigen took to twitter with a proposal: she would swap her banana bread with romaine lettuce.

Within minutes, the replies were flooding in. But it was comedian Chris Klemens who piqued the star's interest. He responded with a charming selfie offering three lettuces.

Teigen was keen, but she wasn't about to get fooled. She replied requesting proof that this photo wasn't one from the archive.

Chris replied with a video giving the date and time. This was legit.

With that established, Teigen set the wheels in motion for this trade to happen.

The cake was baked, and it looked like a darn tasty one. Chrissy broke out the bundt mould to make this banana bread extra special. It looked absolutely delighful.

Within a couple of days, the trade had happened, and the internet was loving it almost as much as those involved.

This thrilling tale might well be an insight into the way of life when Coronavirus has lead to a point in which money holds value only as kindling or paperweights. Thoughts?

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Comments (2)

  • I love that they brought measuring tape lol This gives me an idea... I should start baking cupcakes for TP 😂

      1 year ago
  • I think she got the better deal. Banana cake is foul

      1 year ago