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- It's the movie we didn't know we needed

Chrissy Teigen's making a hard-hitting doc... about fries

Fries! The Movie will explore the “universal love for French potatoes”

1y ago

In what might be the most momentous food news we’ve come across, Chrissy Teigen is producing a documentary investigating the issue of our times: French fries.

The reality star and cookbook author has signed on to make the brilliantly named Fries! The Movie.

The hard-hitting doc will explore the “universal love for French potatoes” and will feature interviews with farmers, chefs, celebrities and food scientists.

The star wrote on Instagram: "Very excited to finally announce the most important documentary of our time!!"

Michael Steed and Gillian Brown, who worked on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, will co-direct the movie. Teigen’s production company, Suit & Thai Productions, is one of several producers.

Teigen is already signed on to host a food talk show with David Chang next year. And last month she launched a new food website, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, which features recipes, videos and restaurants guides.

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Comments (2)

  • If it even hints that I shouldn't be eating them, I'm going to turn it off.

      1 year ago
  • Cheap as chips ?

    I was thinking of making a documentary about growing peas in the back yard , given the current interest in pea based protein, but I reckon Tony Martin and Mick Molloy might have beaten me to it, with their ground breaking 1998 CD.



      1 year ago