Chupa Chups beverage

    Emilia Mig posted in Drinks

    30w ago


    - Orange flavour chupa chups beverage

    Yees, you see it properly. This is Chupa Chups orange flavoured sparkling beverage. I found this interesting product today in my local shop. Taste of this drink suprisingly isn't so sweet ( what for me is good option) and colour is not bad to be honest. There also was available strawberry flavour. Have you ever tried this kind of drink before?

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    • Is it very sweet?

        6 months ago
      • Not so much. It didn't make me nausea. There were also strawberry version but I didn't take it coz' affraid that would be too sweet.

          6 months ago
    • We have a couple brands of orange pop.

        6 months ago