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Cider with rosie

It's not often I recommend a pub but this plays to my romantic nature and I had to share it with you.

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Recently I went to stroud market - I was actually in pursuit of a young man who lives in the woods and forages and I heard that he wanders around selling his goods but I never actually found him. If you know of him please tell me - I would love to meet him!

Anyway I was mightily surprised at the market and it's unique and quirky character -it's almost a hippy retreat - and I can't recommend it highly enough for a day out but I digress...

Stroud market

Stroud market

I went to lunch at The Woolpack in Slad and I have to say I was mightily taken with it.

The Woolpack has been run as a pub for 300 years but I doubt that it has ever been better or maybe it's just that it hasn't changed!

The Woolpack at Slad

The Woolpack at Slad

This pub is in the childhood village of author Laurie Lee who wrote a book about his childhood called "Cider With Rosie" an absolute classic and there is nowhere in the world better to sit and read it. The pub oozes with character and rustic charm. Everything he speaks of is right there in front of you unchanged and right opposite the pub. The house, the church and the pub all going strong and the views are to die for.

However it was the menu that really took my heart - butterbean, violet artichoke and ricotta, quail with celeriac remoulade and watercress - not your usual pub grub straight from Brake Brothers!

The Woolpack at Slad

The Woolpack at Slad

There is lots of memorabilia around the pub so if you do your research before you go you'll enjoy the experience (with a pint of cider in your hand) even more.

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