Classic slaw burger: Still one of my favorites

Robin Ho reminded me it has been to long since my last one

Doug F posted in Burgers
6w ago

About a week ago our friend Robin Ho posted Germany meets America: Bratwurst with slaw. In this post Robin says that slaw is one of the most American salads and how it goes good with anything. One of the things he mentions it goes good with is a nice burger, Robin I 150% agree with you. After reading this post I realized I have not enjoyed one of my favorite burgers in a very long time, I needed to change this immediately.

Since it has been so long I decided to make it a double, with a layer of slaw on the bottom bun and two beef patties with properly melted American cheese on each with a healthy amount of slaw piled on top and a little ketchup to finish it off.

I have ate a lot of great burgers but I still say the good old slaw burger is one of my favorites you all and it had been way to long since I have enjoyed one. Thanks Robin for reminding me I needed this in my life again.

It also made me wonder, is the slaw burger the most American burger there is? Tell me what you all think down in the comments. Stay wonderful FoodTribe! I love you all!

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