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Classic Thai Gai Yang BBQ Recipe

It's National BBQ week and I couldn't let it pass without giving you this Thai classic recipe for grilled chicken and sticky chilli sauce.

Carole Mason posted in Thai
33w ago

My favourite way to dine out at home in the summer is to have friends around for Gai Yang – the classic Thai BBQ with sweet chilli sauce, sticky rice and papaya salad. I am eagerly looking forward to the days when we can safely do this again.

In the meantime, I thought that I should give you the recipe and then you can get some practice in with the family ready for when you are ready to show it off to your friends.

The great thing about this is that you do the majority of the work the day before so it really takes the stress out of any event.

I know it's often difficult to reliably get your hands on coriander root but sometimes you can buy it by mail order well ahead of time and then freeze it. If you need to keep it then use the root from frozen do not allow it to thaw before use as it just goes slushy.

Can't wait till it's safe to socialise again - Photo from 2018

Can't wait till it's safe to socialise again - Photo from 2018

Serve with Thai glutinous rice and a punchy papaya salad.

This week I have been working with a blog who, in the spirit of the times, have written an enlightening article about how to dine out at home so if you can't get hold of the root but want some more exciting ideas take a look at this.

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