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CNY: Oreo has just released lychee-flavoured cookies

The limited-edition lychee flavour is in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year

5w ago

Oreo has launched a new - and rather special - cookie flavour to add to their portfolio, and this time, it's in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year.

Yes, this time around, the cookie brand has come out with a lychee flavour of their much-loved cream-filled sandwich biscuit.

As 2021 is the Year of the Ox, the biscuit features an Ox head along with some Chinese characters imprinted into one side, while the other side retains the classic Oreo biscuit embossing. The biscuit itself also has a sweet flavour profile laced with fruity lychee notes.

Some people have already had a chance to try the unique flavour, and while some enjoyed the taste, others weren't quiiiiite so keen. So naturally, as we all do, they took to social media to share their thoughts.

The biscuits are available from now until April, for purchase in stores within mainland China, or online on T-mall, Taobao, or eBay for Oreo lovers globally – for the rather hefty price of $22.99 per box.

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