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Co-op’s lethargic lemon cheesecake cookies

Limited edition lemon cheesecake with white chocolate cookies have hit the shelves at the Co-op. Are they a citrus burst or a dry disaster?

1y ago

I have a bit of a problem with cookies at the moment.

I’m not about to start an anti-biscuit movement – quite the opposite in fact. My problem is that I literally can’t stop eating them. I’m gorging soggy ones in the bath and chewing them in my sleep. It was really quite embarrassing in the dentist’s the other day with droppings of crumbs gradually filling the room.

So, seeing a lemon cheesecake variety (teamed with white chocolate) being flogged in the Co-op I pushed old ladies into the freezers just to grab hold of a packet as quickly as possible (they were, after all, branded as being “limited edition” so were liable to evaporate during the ten-second walk from the entrance of the store).

The blobs of white are presumably chocolate, rather than fat.

The blobs of white are presumably chocolate, rather than fat.

Costing £1.75 for a bag of four, the biscuits could hardly be described as being a bargain; although, two packets can be bought for £2.50 (which meant that I had to buy another packet, there was no other option).

The cookies were individually large and crazy-shaped, suggesting that time was not focussed on faffing around making them look pretty and instead could be used to make them taste perfect (hopefully, at least). They also all seemed to contain loads of massive white chocolate chunks.

Sadly, the situation, er, crumbled when it came to actually eating them.

The bronzed cookie dough was soft, thick and creamy, owning overall control of the biscuits’ taste. Occasionally there would be a subtle, soothing sensation of zest tickle the back of my tongue, but this was the closest the cookies ever came to being lemony.

As for the white chocolate, I definitely chewed through some harder chunks so I can only presume that they represented the chocolate; there was no taste to confirm this.

Co-op’s lemon cheesecake and white chocolate cookies are so bland that they make supposedly boring products such as plain milk chocolate or shortbread look like drug-induced romps in the corridors of the Vatican. It’s safe to say that Co-op’s description of them being “irresistible” is a staggering exaggeration.

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Comments (2)

  • Lemon and Cheesecake. Not sure how that would go down with me.

      1 year ago
  • I feel lethargic after consuming them virtually! They look amazing!

      1 year ago