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Coca-Cola creates Insiders Club subscription service

Sign up for a gift box from your favorite cola maker

1y ago

We pay monthly subscription fees to stream music and our favorite television shows. We sign up to receive gift boxes every month for things like new clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. Now Coca-Cola wants in on that action too. Why not sign up for a monthly beverage service?



Today Coca-Cola launched the Insiders Club. Limited to only one thousand subscribers, the Insiders Club ships out a box every month with Coke branded goodies, plus exclusive beverages before they will be available to the public. Insiders can choose to either subscribe themselves or gift a subscription to another. Fees will cost $10 a month for six months, or save a Hamilton by paying in full up front.

Each of the thousand boxes had already been claimed by the time I heard about it, but you can sign up for the wait list if you are interested. I would speculate that slots will be added depending on how successful the program becomes.

Would you subscribe to a soda service?

Top photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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  • Coca Cola making a really big things in world... I don't drink it because I don't like its dye carmine produced from aphids of cacti ... I do not like bugs :) But Coca-Cola even arranges free business courses and helps people organize their business

      1 year ago