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Coca-Cola is changing its recipe and fans aren't happy

Fans are understandably hesitant about the new recipe, but we'll find out in September what they really think

Kyra Sage posted in Drinks
8w ago

Coca-Cola, like most soda brands is no stranger to changing recipes over the years and this year, much to the dismay of fans, they're doing it again.

Wanting to create an "even more delicious and refreshing recipe" Coke has announced that they are changing Coke Zero Sugar, formerly known as Coke Zero and fans are understandably upset.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote, "Why are you changing my favorite drink?? I like it precisely because it's not as sweet as regular Coke!" While another wrote, "Agree, WHY????? Our family love the old formula, #CokeZeroSugar is the ONLY soft drink we consume, why the change?"

Coke said they want to "deliver an even more iconic Coke taste", but over the years altering their formula hasn't always gone according to plan. Supposed to closely resemble the sugary version of classic Coke, the diet Coke Zero was launched in 2005 and was a huge hit, becoming the brand's largest product launch in 22 years.

In 2017 it became Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and had a mildly different flavor and look. At that time fans weren't happy either with one tweeting, "Have Coke 'splained what the heck they are playing at with Coke Zero vs Coke No Sugar? Caffeinated fizzy brown water addicts need to know!"

In 1985 Coke changed they changed the formula of Coca-Cola, rebranding it as "New Coke" but after months of heavy criticism changed it back and released it under the name "Coca-Cola Classic." "New Coke" did remain for a while, changing it's name to Coke II in 1992, before being discontinued in 2002.

Fans of course don't want to see a repeat, "You'd better have a backup plan if this is as screwed up as New Coke was. Wait-do you even remember New Coke? Stop messing with a good thing dammit!"

Coke has confirmed that the nutritional information and ingredients list will remain the same on Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Spokesperson Rafael Prandini, had this to say, "Recognizing that tastes and preferences are always evolving, we're focused on continuous improvements to give fans the best tasting Coca-Cola they want - with zero sugar or calories - offered in the most iconic packaging and powered by some of our most creative, consumer-centric marketing yet."

Fans of the current Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will still be able to find that formula on shelves for now, but the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar formula will start to slowly roll out this month, July, and full distribution will be up and running is September.

Coca-Cola Senior Brand Manager Natalia Suarez, had this to say about the new Coke, "As the country reopens, we want to be a part of this beautiful, culturally relevant moment that's naturally happening in New York City. The activation is grounded in the idea that the best moments are even better with a Coke. And we believe this is the best Coke ever."

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