Coca-Cola with coffee launches in the US

Good news for caffeine lovers

4w ago

Coke has launched its new Coca-Cola with coffee in the US, available in three different flavors.

This is, in my opinion, exactly the sort of thing that goes one way or the other: disastrously or a massive success.

Coffee is generally very strong, both in terms of texture and taste, whereas Coke is usually a bit lighter, a bit fresher. Furthermore, Coca-Cola is fizzy, sweet and sugary, whereas coffee is none of those things. I'm definitely intrigued.

This new product comes with a self-defining name: it's called "Coca-Cola With Coffee", and it joins a line of similar coffee-type drinks Coke is already selling in 25 countries.

The drink is available in three different flavors: Dark Blend, Vanilla and Caramel, and each can contains 69 milligrams of caffeine in a 70-calorie, 12-ounce can coffee. The drinks were already available for Coca-Cola Insiders Club members (apparently, that's a thing) and they're now available for the rest of us.

Coca-Cola with Coffee Dark Blend and Coca-Cola with Coffee Vanilla will be available in 12-oz single cans or 12-oz four-packs, while Coca-Cola with Coffee Caramel is only going be offered in 12-oz single cans.

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Comments (13)

  • I can feel my blood pressure spiking already.

      6 months ago
  • No. Happy for those who would enjoy this, though. I'll stick with coffee.

      6 months ago
  • I tried it once and I'll never try it again. I love coffee, am partial to Coca-Cola at times but this one is a complete turn off. It has neither the taste of one or the other. Bad idea.

      1 month ago
  • WAT 👀👀

      1 month ago
  • I remember Coca-Cola Blak and it was ...umm... interesting

      6 months ago