#CocktailHour: Watch – How to make a Hibiscus Daiquiri

FoodTribe's weekly #CocktailHour will see us mixing up some classics, and some twists on a classic – This week, we're getting floral with Market Row

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Most cocktail histories seem to start off the same way: a little fuzzy. The Daiquiri is no exception to that. It’s thought it was invented in Cuba by Jennings Cox, an American mining engineer.

Apparently he ran out of gin at a party (absolute rookie mistake), and instead tried mixing a blend of Bacardi rum with sugar and fresh lime juice. The name 'Daiquiri' allegedly comes from the name of a beach nearby.

There also isn’t one recipe for the Daiquiri, with all kinds of variations suggesting it’s the one true recipe. Can the Real Daiquiri Recipe, please stand up?

Naturally, a lot of it is about personal taste. Some love the sourness, some like things a bit sweeter.

We’ve been trying out some recipes with Market Row botanical rum. It’s made with a blend of rums from Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic, aged for five years in bourbon barrels, and is then redistilled with botanicals (including vanilla, clove, black pepper, mace, allspice, black tea, hibiscus, red rose, caramel, oregano) at the distillery in Brixton. It’s quite light, with lots of vanilla, and less sweet than a lot of rums. You get a nice build up of the spice towards the end.

And instead of going down the traditional Daiquiri route, we’ve gone for a bit of a twist, with a hibiscus Daiquiri!

If you haven’t had hibiscus before, it’s a tropical plant with brightly coloured flowers. If you use the dried petals to infuse the syrup (like we did), it brings out a tart, cranberry-like flavour and a rather pretty pink colour.

Hibiscus Daiquiri cocktail recipe

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50ml Market Row botanical rum

25ml lime juice

25ml hibiscus syrup (Heat up sugar and water in a 1:1 ratio with a good pinch of dried hibiscus petals. Ensure sugar is dissolved, then allow to cool)

Garnish: Lime wheel and hibiscus petal


Add ice to your shaker.

Add your rum, hibiscus syrup and lime juice.

Shake it (like a Polaroid picture).

(Double) strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with your lime wheel and hibiscus.

What's your favourite flavour Daiquiri?

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Comments (15)

  • Yum! Can't go wrong with a good daiquiri. The hibiscus is an interesting and fun twist. I've had hibiscus brewed into kombucha and it was wonderful. This will be a joy to try.

      1 month ago
    • omg hibiscus kombucha sounds incredible! And I can very much recommend it. I was a bit worried it'd be hard to get hold of, but good ole Amazon saved the day...

        1 month ago
  • Hmmm. I can eat my hibiscus?

      1 month ago
    • I've tried dried hibiscus flower and are really tart 😆. It should be a good garnish for a cocktail 🤔

        1 month ago
    • The flowers are even edible fresh! It is claimed that the tea from the flowers can help lower blood pressure too.

        1 month ago
  • I haven't tried Daiquiri. This hibiscus recipe sounds delicious! I should try it.

      1 month ago
  • I love So good

      1 month ago
  • Sounds really good!

      1 month ago