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Florence, South Carolina is a small town that people recognize as the city that they pass on the way to Myrtle Beach. Though it's not a "big city," the community has a charm unlike many others. Our downtown has been reinvented over the last few years and this has become a thriving part of our community. This can easily be observed through the eclectic coffee shop in the downtown area. I often visit Soule for business meetings or sometimes just to get out of the office for some inspiration. We all know that inspiration comes with great hand crafted beverages.

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H​and Crafted Drinks

Ezra who you will always find behind the counter with a big smile welcomes you in and makes you feel like family. He doesn't talk about it much but if you ask he will tell you about how he traveled the world playing his music and how he touched down and landed here, in Florence, South Carolina. His coffee shop, Soule, has created a unique space to showcase art and sip on some of the best coffee in town.

C​offee Shops are the heart of the community

C​offee Shops are the heart of the community

There are open mic nights each Wednesday. I see a ton of both young and old artists who have the most accepting audience. Soule is a community coffee shop that serves the local area by giving back in many ways. Just last week was the 48 hours toy drive to collect toys for our local children's hospital. Of course this came with live music and great beverages. Owner Ezra Brown is an accomplished saxophonest who's sound has transformed into a language that enters the soul through Gospel, blues, jazz, r&b, soul, hip-hop. It's the language of the human experience. If you're ever passing by stop in and enjoy.

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  • Sounds like a visit is in order!

      1 year ago
  • What a great coffee atmosphere! Can you bring your own coffee? I saw the bag sitting in front of you there.

      1 year ago
    • No that’s his coffee he also retails for home use

        1 year ago
    • So he must have a roaster or somebody who does roasting in the shop there?

        1 year ago