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Coffee is the cornerstone of civilization

Wouldn’t you say?

2w ago

Coffee is our boost, our fuel, our motive. It kicks off our day and kick-starts the world. Coffee is good for you. Coffee is believed to have been invented in Yemen, around 700 years ago, and it is pound for pound, both currency and weight, the single most valuable invention in the history of the world.

Coffee can make or break your day. It gets you going when the going gets tough and it keeps and tells time, kinda like a clock, like a metronome. Black, no milk, no sugar, no foam cup, no latte. In a demitasse. That’s how it’s done.

Cheers ☕

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  • Ahhhh.... coffee 💕

    It's universal and spoken similarly in most languages. Coffee, café, caffè, kávé, kaffee are just a few examples. It is the one thing I have no trouble ordering no matter where I am. Happy Coffee Day everyone!

      1 year ago
  • I love coffee but of course I only take the occasional cup now and again as I mostly drink black tea with a spot of milk since I am diabetic I can drink tea without sugar or sweetener but coffee I need sugar as sweetener doesn’t do it for me. I have a Tassimo coffee machine by Bosch for coffee , and also have a tin of Nescafe instant coffee for depending on my mood and taste buds at the time. I love a good brew I like cappuccino or a latte I love the smell of coffee freshly brewed . But it doesn’t beat tea for to refresh you but coffee perks you up and makes you feel good and alive. I don’t tend to visit coffee shops and I won’t pay £3 for a cup of coffee when I can make better at home . However coffee shops are a great alternative to pubs for socialising with friends and loved ones . So yes a coffee and a muffin can be nice and relaxing. So here’s to coffee !

      1 year ago
  • most mornings it’s the cornerstone of dedication…good bye!

      9 days ago
  • I like my coffee like I like my beer strong and black

      13 days ago