ColourPop launches Ice Cream Bites Collection

Your favorite summer treat now has a makeup counterpart

9w ago

When it comes to summertime treats, ice cream usually reigns supreme. Now, thanks to the ColourPop Ice Cream Bites collection, you can get a makeup counterpart to the treat.

This collection is limited edition and features six different quad eyeshadow palettes. Each of which is $9.00. All of these palettes are vegan and cruelty free, feature matte and metallic shadows and are very pigmented, blendable and you get a great color payoff and shimmer.

The first palette we have is Rainbow Sprinkles. Rainbow Sprinkles is full of pastel glitters and features Sugar Ice, an opal shade with rainbow glitter. Then we have Yaaas Please, a light/pale gold with a copper and gold duo chrome shift. Next to that is Candy Coated, a pale pink shadow with rainbow glitter flecks and the last shadow is Malt Melt, a pale lavender with rainbow glitter.

The next palette we have is Triple Scoop. This is a palette that just screams 'I'm reminding you that fall is coming' it's those beautiful warm shades. The first shade we have is French Vanilla, a metallic rose gold shadow with pink glitter flecks. Then we have Orange Sherbert, a metallic coral/red with a gold shift. Next to that is Parlor Crawl, a matte red-ish orange and Gelato-Matic, which is a matte, dark almost charcoal brown, rounds out the quad.

The next eyeshadow palette we have is Sundae Funday. This is a really fun and bright palette. The first shadow we have is Banana Split, an opal shade with a nice gold shift. Then there's Strawberry Sorbet, a really warm matte pink. Next to that is You Got Syrup, a bright, metallic hot pink and the last shadow is Pint To Go, which is a matte yellow with silver glitter flecks.

The fourth eyeshadow palette we have is Gimme Sugar. If you like purples, then this is absolutely the palette for you. The first shadow we have Whipped Cream, a metallic kind of icy lilac. Next to that is Gummy Bears, a really bright and vivid matte violet. Then there's Sour Candy, matte pastel lavender and the last shadow is Blackberry Bliss, a metallic violet with silver glitter flecks.

The second to last palette we have is Waffle Cone and if you're like me and mint chocolate chip is your favorite ice cream, this is the palette of your ice cream dreams. The first shadow we have is Minty Dream, a metallic mint. Next to that is Chocolate Swirl, which is a matte brown but it's a warm brown. Then there's Oh, Fudge, a matte dark chocolaty brown and the last shadow is Chippie, a matte mint.

And the last palette we have is Extra Toppings, for everyone who has been waiting for pinks. The first shadow we have is Toasted Marshmallow, a metallic ivory with gold and pink glitter flecks. Next to that is Top Off, a warm metallic pink with a gold shift. Then there's Xtra Cherries, a matte pale pink. And the last shadow is Chocolate Drizzle, a matte chocolaty cherry.

If you're like me and want the entire Ice Cream Bites Collection, it is available for $54.00. So what do you think FoodTribers, will you be grabbing a scoop from this collection? If so, which one or ones?

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