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Columbus, Ohio could officially become... Flavortown

With over 100,000 signatures, a petition to change the name of the city to Flavortown to honour its son, Guy Fieri, is gaining momentum

41w ago

The world is a crazy place at the moment. Life is trying to find a new normal, we're seeing some hugely positive moves for social and racial justice, and one of those justices comes in the form of looking at our history and realigning who we put on a pedestal. Britain saw the statue of Edward Colston, a prolific slave trader, pulled from its podium and heaved into the harbour his slave ships once sailed from. But the attention of people fighting to realign our "honoured" historical figures has turned now to the city of Columbus in Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio takes its name from Christopher Columbus, the explorer. Well, that's what he is best known for, but many like to skip over him being a brute and tyrant, who used torture and mutilation to hold a rule over Hispaniola as its governer. On top of that, it has been recorded that he would take to selling those who displeased him into slavery. Add to that list the depopulation and forced labour of the Taíno people, the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. Columbus was not a particularly nice gent. So much so that on the return from his third voyage, he and his brothers were arrested and imprisoned.

And with our views on historical events changing as we learn more, it makes sense to adjust who we are celebrating.

The mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri

The mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri

Ok, history lesson over, what's going on here?

Why not rename the city Flavortown?

Tyler woodbridge

Well, one clever chap has come up with a brilliant suggestion for a new name for Columbus. Flavortown.

Two weeks ago, Tyler Woodbridge posted a petition on Change.org entitled “Change the name of Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown.” “Columbus is an amazing city, but one whose name is tarnished by the very name itself,” Woodbridge states. “Why not rename the city Flavortown? The new name is twofold. For one, it honors Central Ohio's proud heritage as a culinary crossroads and one of the nation's largest test markets for the food industry. Secondly, chef-lebrity Guy Fieri was born in Columbus, so naming the city in honor of him (he's such a good dude, really) would be superior to its current nomenclature.”

What do you think?

A brilliant lighthearted change, or is it a little too much of a light-hearted option that it devalues the effect? Names for locations are fluid and throughout history America has seen the names of its cities change, New York was famously once New Amsterdam. Perhaps Columbus could become Flavortown.

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Comments (8)

  • As a Columbus resident, I'm on board with the name change. Also, Columbus is home to one of many Budweiser breweries, who have promised free beer to all Columbus residents if the name is changed to Flavortown.

      9 months ago
    • All the more reason to get online and sign that petition! Free beer! Even if it is only Bud...

        9 months ago
    • ha, I love this! I'd be more inclined to move to somewhere if it was called Flavortown 😂

        9 months ago
  • I live an hour from Columbus. This is good for a laugh but I hope it is not taken seriously. I will admit it would be fun to say we have to go to flavortown this weekend LOL.

      9 months ago
    • Even if it becomes the unofficial city title. That’d be pretty cook

        9 months ago
    • If it was something like Columbus flavortown of Ohio I would be fine with something like that.

        9 months ago
  • No

      9 months ago