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Comfort Food: Egg Gravy

How much do you like to experiment with eggs?

38w ago

My next favorite thing after potato is eggs. The sheer number of varieties that you can cook up and the tastes that you can experiment with - this alone is enough for anyone to fall in love with eggs, don't you agree? And so, after making egg fried rice, I wanted to make something a bit more complex and tasty. I have ordered egg gravy many times from many restaurants here in Pune, but these guys always cock up and the egg gravy would not be what I expected it to be - in terms of taste and spiciness, of course.

And so, I set out to make my own iteration of the famous egg gravies that you can get in many parts of Tamil Nadu - easily one of the best places for non-veg lovers and veg lovers, for the sheer number of food varieties in both areas. Egg gravy can be had with chapathi, dosa or rice. So if you plan to have it with rice like me, cook rice beforehand. Here is my recipe for egg gravy that you can try it at home.

A useful tip here is to blend all the tomatoes and half of the red chillies in a blender and make it into a paste. Doing so will enhance the taste. Chop the onions in C-shapes and cut the green chillies length wise. Addition of curd is to introduce a tinge of sour flavour into the gravy. It also balances the spiciness of the gravy.

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Comments (4)

  • I never heard of a chicken masala but the again I haven't heard of egg gravy either. Might have to try this if I can find the chicken masala

      8 months ago
    • ooh...okay... if you do not get chicken masala then you can substitute it with biryani masala or make your own masala actually...taste will be superb if you make it with your own homemade masala

        8 months ago
    • you should try egg gravy...it is quite famous in India

        8 months ago