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Comfort food: How to make egg fried rice

This one is for all the egg lovers out there

39w ago

If you like eggs and you want to make something other than the regular hard boiled eggs or omelette or scrambled eggs, I have something for you.

It's of course, a rice dish. It is egg fried rice and personally I prefer this over the usual veg fried rice. Both are tasty, but this just feels good. While this may look easy, the process of making the egg bhurji is a delicate one. Take your eyes off while cooking even for a minute, and you have a chance of deep frying your egg yolks, which then become like coal.

There are a few tips that I will share in the recipe box. Try that and you can make the best egg fried rice and show off to your parents. You have to cook rice separately and mix with the fried-egg-veggies mixture later. Here is the recipe for the same:

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Comments (8)

  • Sounds good! Did you empty the whole cabinet to make it? Lol

      9 months ago
    • hahaha...all these were already available except cabbage and carrots...since they taste well with the above-mentioned veggies I added them in the recipe

        9 months ago
    • Very nice!

        9 months ago
  • Ganesh... this is a proper engineers students dorm room recipe. After some old monk

      9 months ago
  • I thought it was mandatory to put egg and then extra egg in fried rice. Lol

      9 months ago