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    Comfort food: spinach curry recipe

    For a change, here's a healthy dish that you can cook once a week

    35w ago


    How many of you make spinach at least once a week? It can be any variety – but have you experimented with the number of ways you can cook it?

    I know that spinach is not the most popular food, but it is a great source of different vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, C, K1, folic acid, iron and calcium are found in spinach. All these vitamins and minerals help strengthen the bones, fight high blood pressure, boost hair growth, keep skin healthy and aid in the digestion process – among many other health benefits.

    For a healthy you, I am going to share a recipe that you can make once a week to complete your weekly spinach quota. Spinach goes well with dal as well, which I will come to later. Here is my recipe for spinach curry, a spicy dish that goes well with rice as well as chapati.


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    Comments (16)

    • Wonderful. A healthier curry than I generally have.

        8 months ago
    • Palak paneer

        7 months ago
    • Sounds great but 2 of the spices I dont have. 😞

        8 months ago
      • No problem...even if you just add turmeric powder and salt, it will be good. Garam masala and red chilli powder are for additional spiciness, as I like spicy food

          8 months ago
      • I have those ones...its the other 2...lol I can't even remember what they are called.

          8 months ago