Comment the first thing you cooked on your own and rate everyone else's out of 5

Doug F posted in Food Fun
1w ago

Also tell how old you were when you cooked it? We all know how these work! Once again John allowed me to use this template.

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  • I think I was 8 and made a fried egg because my mother told me I couldn't have. I burnt it, that is how the parents found out I was in the kitchen 😑.

      13 days ago
  • Beer-battered fish and chips - I did it for the beer, maybe

      13 days ago
  • I'm pretty sure it was a strawberry and chocolate cake made with a colleague when we were around 7/8. It was for school 🍓🍫

      13 days ago
    • 0/5 because it is chocolate.

      What was the first thing you cook on your own?

        13 days ago
    • 10 because of the chocolate! I know it's out of 5 but because gave 0, I had to give 10 😂😂

        13 days ago
  • I made simple things like fried egg years ago but the first actual proper dish I made was Loobia polo, and it was 2 years ago 😂😂😅😅 as you can probably tell, I didn't like cooking; still not a big fan! But my baking started sooner!

      13 days ago
    • Eggs seem to be a popular one.

      I am not sure what Loobia polo is so not sure how to rate it . What was the first thing you baked?

        13 days ago
    • It's Persian grean bean rice with meat. I send a screenshot.

      It is difficult to make the Persian method of rice. Beginners usually overdo it and it will be mushy. Mine was a tad underdone. But it was amazing for a first timer! It was very...

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        13 days ago
  • Raspberry cheesecake-I made it when I was 8

      13 days ago