Comment the meal you most want and rate everyone else's out 5

Doug F posted in Food Fun
4w ago

We all know how this works! I was granted permission to use Sir Juicy John's idea.

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Comments (266)

  • I want a cheese platter and a muscat; don't say it's not a meal

      1 month ago
  • I want a black and bleu Burger with a bowl of French onion soup from the Dobbin house in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

      1 month ago
  • A nice simple Currywurst with some fries 🤤

      1 month ago
  • I want my Moms Gyros Casserole. (Gyros, Hollandaise and Noodles. All covered with Cheese.)

      1 month ago
  • I want a huge plate of snails and a bottle of Pernod.

      1 month ago