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Cooking Lessons with James May: Poachies on Toast

Poached Egg on toast has to be my favourite breakfast but how does Dr. May do it?

2y ago

Once again, James May has nailed it. In this episode he teaches us how to make the perfect Poached Egg on toast. The fact that it is spread over three episodes means it must be good.

This is by far my favourite breakfast dish as some of you may know. I must say, I like an eggs benedict or Royale too but there is something just sot elegant and simple about this dish. So why not watch James May whip up another tasty feast. Grab your chef's hat and a quill because it's a about to get good.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Comments (2)

  • Has poaching technology improved much ?

      2 years ago
  • I use same egg poaching pan works fine if bit hit and miss... the red egg poaching thing wow never see that... looks awesome if you want 7 eggs... I’m good with just two👌

      1 year ago