#COOKYOURSELF it should be drink yourself because I made a cocktail 🍸. I like the combination of sweet with tart or bitter flavors. I was thinking how to use the candied eggplants (very sweet) and cacao pulp (tart). So, I made this martini potion: gin, dry vermouth, grapefruit liquor with cacao pulp decorated with candied eggplant.
The brown cloudy color comes from the cacao pulp, which has a tart flavor and I think it highlights the grapefruit. I liked the combination and it really needed the sweet bite of the eggplant at the end. It was a fun experiment. Why the martini potion is related to myself? I still don't know πŸ˜‚.

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Comments (8)

  • Candied eggplant you say? I'm intrigued

      15 days ago
    • Yes, little eggplants in syrup with cloves and an almond inside. I liked them but they are very sweet. Natalie confirmed those are from Cyprus.

        15 days ago
  • I would definitely try it! It has to be better than olives🀒

      16 days ago
  • It's yours! 😏

      17 days ago
  • Wow. Sounds very interesting & creative plus I love that glass.

      17 days ago