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Cornish man bakes pasty as big as his baby

Lockdown is pushing us to new levels of procrastination, it seems...

1y ago

A Cornish man has baked a pasty the same size and weight as his newborn son during lockdown. Tim Fuge baked the enormous pasty to celebrate the birth of his son, Jowan.

The 2.8 kilogram beef pasty was estimated to have up to 4,000 calories and was half a metre long. That's roughly the same size, weight and calorific content of his newborn, who looked on in awe as his father ate the pasty in two mammoth sittings.

"I only managed to eat half of it at lunch and had the other half this morning. I am absolutely stuffed," Mr Fuge said.

"I added all the ingredients on the scale and it came out bang up to how much the baby weighed when he was born," said the recent father of three.

The 33-year-old said the trickiest part was not making it but finding a baking tray big enough to cook it on. Cunningly, he used the oven's grill tray in the end.

It contained beef skirt, swede, onion and potato filling, as is traditional for a Cornish pasty. This was only Tim's second attempt at making pasties; only the week before had he first attempted the traditional Cornish food.

"That was exactly the same but of a bit more modest size," he said. "We just decided to make pasties because our favourite pasty shops [had] shut."

Pasties were popularised in the 17th and 18th century, when they became popular lunch options for tin miners in the West Country. Wives would prepare the pastries with the characteristic thick crust so the men could hold it, eat the rest, and throw away the crust without tarnishing their food with their grubby, blackened hands. Tim Fuge is reported to have eaten the crust of his pasty.

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