Cornwall to open first socially distanced restaurant

It's purpose-built for social distancing and a number of neat measures ensure you dine safely

1y ago

The St Moritz Hotel and Spa in Cornwall has announced it is to open the UK's first socially distanced restaurant, this summer.

Said to surpass the government guidelines for social distancing, it is embracing the challenges presented and turning them into a positive niche, ushering in a new 'bubble' ethos.

Named The Anti-Social Club, there will be 16 private dining rooms, set to seat between 2 and 8 diners in each, with a maximum of 160 covers. Service will be provided through hatches and the 2m distance guidelines will be stylishly imposed.

The restaurant will follow the hotel's stylish art deco theme, incorporating Miami-style coastal touches. The menu will feature local Cornish produce and aim to create a relaxed dining experience, rather than that of a regimented, clinical, spaced out compromise.

The restaurant is set to open on 5 July and you can reserve your dining experience here.

This is the first restaurant purpose built with the new regulations in mind, with other establishments having to completely change the layout and the way that the work to ensure the safety of diners.

Some have adapted better than others, with private spaces being established to effortlessly blend with the theme of the place, while others have struggled somewhat, deploying physical barriers in an attempt to keep up standards, but house as many customers as possible.

Then there's the restaurants that have taken a more comedic approach, with stuffed toys and mannequins being deployed to fill empty seats. One cafe in Germany even gave diners hats with 2m wide pool noodles attached to raise spirits.

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Comments (2)

  • Does the current situation provide clues about a possible future ?

      1 year ago
  • Fascinating, thankyou for posting .

    Personal space, the final frontier ?

    Here's a pic of the Original Series Star Trek Enterprise crew mess / recreation hall, which could be probably be adjusted slightly to provide the 5 feet of space.

    But is it possible to keep the COVID virus from inhabiting the ships / restaurants air- conditioning ducts ?

      1 year ago