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Coronavirus: Australian pubs ordered to close, cafés to go take-away only

The ban on pubs opening their licensed areas will go into effect as of noon on Monday.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed in an announcement that all licensed premises in Australia will be banned from opening as of noon on Monday March 23 as part of the efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus.

In the announcement, the Prime Minister confirmed that pubs and clubs, in all Australian states and territories will not be allowed to open, along with the ban on opening being extended to bars, nightclubs, restaurants, cinemas, and places of worship.

However, it has been noted that in the instances of hotels where there is accommodation or a bottle shop attached, they will still be allowed to take in guests and operate as a regular retail business respectively, with the bar and restaurant to remain closed.

Additionally, all cafés will be restricted to serving only take-away as part of these new measures to aid in preventing the spread of the virus, which are only 'stage one' of the governments plans to tackle it, with it set to review these measures on a monthly basis.

Noting that Australians must "do their bit" when it comes to enforcing and abiding by social distancing practices, which is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19, the Prime Minister noted that these practices are "not being observed as well as they should be," after crowds were shown flocking to major Australian beaches such as Bondi over the weekend.

The announcement of these new measures comes after an emergency meeting was called for by the Victorian and NSW state premiers, with the PM having originally intended to leave measures such as this up to individual states – many of which have already been making their own moves to curb the spread of coronavirus by closing their borders to interstate travellers.

Many of these measures are expected to be in place for at least half a year, the PM added, saying, "The suggestion that you can just lock the country down, or a state, for two weeks or four weeks and the virus passes is naive, and it's false.

"If you put arrangement in place that shut down large parts of the country and the economy, then you better be prepared to hold on to those arrangements for at least the next six-months."

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