Coronavirus: Can you order takeaway if you're self-isolating?

What are Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat doing?

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The supermarkets look pretty dire at the moment: no pasta; no tinned veg; and in the most desperate scenarios, no good wine (I learnt that the hard way yesterday evening).

Given the bare shelves, making the decision to enter a period of self-isolation is tough. You might wonder how on earth you will survive two weeks without cupboards full to the brim with non-perishables. However, if you've got an underlying health issue, or have been diagnosed positive, you might not have the luxury of choosing when to close your door to the world.

Delivery services to the rescue

One option remains. It won't come cheap, but it will come in less than 40 minutes on the back of a bicycle: that's right, you can survive off a delicious combination of Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Many of you will be wondering how on earth you collect the food without making contact with the driver/rider.

Fortunately, the food delivery behemoths are putting measures in place to ensure the safety of both staff and customers.


On Thursday, Deliveroo announced that they would introduce a no contact delivery service to protect both customers and riders. A spokesperson said, "At Deliveroo we are taking action to keep our customers, riders and restaurants safe. To make our delivery service even safer we are introducing a no-contact, drop-off service."

Uber Eats

Uber Eats suggested that customers leave a note for their driver to let them know that they shouldn't wait for the door to open.

Best of all, Uber Eats has also offered 14 days of financial assistance to any driver who is diagnosed with the virus or who is asked to self-isolate, to try to avoid those who are ill coming to work. Given Uber's history of poor worker rights, this is surprisingly good willed of them.

Just Eat

Just Eats has also put special measures in place: "We are introducing contactless delivery and continue to share relevant government advice with restaurants, couriers and our people.

"We are closely monitoring the evolving situation and continue to review our approach as the situation progresses."

To request contactless delivery through Just Eats, pop your requirements in the 'notes' box. "Write your request for contactless delivery in the box E.g. "Please leave my food on the doorstep and ring the bell to let me know it’s delivered.""


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If you want to order directly, Domino's Pizza sent out an email to customers last week announcing its contactless delivery too, and also warning things might take a little longer than usual. While restaurants might be suffering, takeaways are doing ok.

"For customers who want to feel even safer when ordering, from next week we will launch Contact Free Delivery. This service comes at no additional charge and is in response to some customers wishing to limit physical contact during the current COVID-19 outbreak. We’re pleased to be able to offer this across every Domino’s store in the UK and Ireland.

"You can select a Contact Free Delivery at the checkout on our app or website when placing your order. Your driver will call you when they arrive to agree where you want your food left. Once the order has been placed in the agreed location, the driver will stay at least two meters away while you collect your order."

Have you been ordering more takeaway?

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  • Great article! Some people seem to be a little too skeptical 🤨

      1 year ago
  • How many hands does the pizza delivery man shake every night? And are you going to touch that credit card tip machine?

      1 year ago
  • What if the chef is sick?

      1 year ago
  • Yes. Definitely. Most delivery 🚚 companies accept pay per online. You just tell them where to place the pizza (whatever) and that you’re under quarantine. Or you have a friendly neighborhood. Picks the carton, pay (you give the money back later) and place the pizza on your doorstep. Some Supermarkets deliver...I am still not afraid. There’s just one point: feeling bored, if you have to stay at home. Just watching movies and playing with the computer, call everyone you know...stay healthy. What do you think?

      1 year ago
  • Junkfood maybe should not be your first choice. I'd prefer fruits and veggies.

      1 year ago