Coronavirus: Deliveroo will bring groceries to your door in 30 minutes

You can now have them deliver your groceries with your lunch

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Getting the groceries has gotten progressively more difficult in these last few weeks. First, our actual essentials – like toilet paper and pasta – were gone like they never existed. Then it was hand wash and cleaning products for the house.

If you thought doing an online grocery shop would solve the problem of empty shelves, you'd be... well partially correct. They will deliver you everything you need, but only if you can wait upwards of three weeks.

We now find ourselves in a position where we're not supposed to leave the house, so while the shelves may be well stocked, we can't get to them. Fun and games!

What is Deliveroo up to?

Deliveroo have been spotting gaps in the market for weeks, such as agreeing to deliver you food from your favourite Michelin starred restaurant. This is another – more surprising – gap they were prepared to fill.

The fast food delivery giant have teamed up with BP and M&S to ensure you get the groceries you need. A selection of around 60 essential items from M&S food will be available to choose from, including bread, milk, rice, pasta and juice.

This comes with the launch of Essentials by Deliveroo, a campaign to help people restock their kitchens during these times of isolation. Deliveroo will deliver your shopping to you within 30 minutes, just like if you had ordered a takeaway!

CEO of Deliveroo, Will Shu, said, "At Deliveroo, we want to do everything possible to help people get the food they want and need during this worrying period. We hope we can play a role in supporting people who have to isolate to get the food they need whether that’s household items or restaurant food."

And the best part? It's free!

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