- Gift. You are in our thoughts. Thanks for all you do.

Coronavirus: Free pizzas for nurses in Italy

Italian solidarity: free pizzas for doctors and nurses committed to fighting Covid-19

44w ago

In these difficult days, those who suffer most are the doctors, nurses and other frontline medical staff. Underpowered, they work tirelessly and do double and triple shifts to deal with the emergency.

An "Italian style" solidarity initiative was immediately launched: free pizza and food to support them in this dark moment.

In the cities of Cagliari and Nuovo, the pizzerias are delivering to hospitals and writing supportive messages on the receipts.

Gift. Thank you for for all you do for us.

Gift. Thank you for for all you do for us.

Sardinia is not the only one: in recent days, the staff of the Sacco Hospital (in Milan) also received rations of Pasta alla Norma, Parmigiana di Melanzane and Cannoli, as a gesture of gratitude and support.

In the meantime, 12 kilos of brioche were donated to the Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital for breakfast, sandwiches and pizzas for lunches and dinners, desserts and ice cream.

Pizza suspended

In Italy (especially in Naples) there is "suspended coffee", namely leaving a paid coffee for those who cannot afford it. How does it work? You enter a bar, drink a coffee and pay two, yours and one "suspended" for those who will pass after you.

In Turin, the owner of a restaurant established the "suspended pizza" which can be easily offered to the health personnel of the Amedeo di Savoia Hospital and Ospedale delle Molinette di Torino through the Specchio dei Tempi initiative. This is how it works: donate, send the payment receipt to the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Bricks Pop Tapas and Pizza pizzeria. As soon as the payment is active, the pizza chefs will bake a pizza and deliver it to the hospitals.

We can say many things about us Italians, but we certainly know how to comfort and offer support, especially with food.

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  • This is good to hear. I'm a bit sick of hearing about people in wheelchairs being shoved in shopping aisles and all that.

      10 months ago
  • Some positivity in these bleak times.

      10 months ago
  • That's very nice gesture. They all do the best to help

      10 months ago
  • That's great!

      10 months ago
  • Pay it forward. That’s the way it should always be.

      10 months ago