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Coronavirus: How do I get a food parcel ?

Supermarket online delivery slots are full, items are restricted in stores and vulnerable people are being sent food parcels by the government.

1y ago

How does food parcel delivery work?

A total of one-and-a-half million people in England have been identified as being extremely medically vulnerable.

The government has contacted 900,000 of these and has started distributing free weekly food parcels to those who have no family or friends to help them. This could eventually total more than 50,000 people.

The identical parcels contain essential supplies including pasta, cereal, fruit, tea bags, and toilet paper.

There have been concerns about healthy over-70s or people with other medical conditions not finding themselves eligible for these parcels.

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesperson told the BBC: "We are working quickly to support people who do not fall into the category of being clinically vulnerable, but still need help getting essential food supplies."

In Wales, people who are extremely vulnerable will receive a letter from the country's chief medical officer. If nobody can help them get food, then from this week they can request a free weekly food box.

Detail on schemes being set up in Scotland and Northern Ireland are set to be announced in the coming days.

What are supermarkets doing to keep customers safe?

Branches of the main supermarkets have introduced policies to keep customers at a safe distance from one other.

These include having somebody on the door controlling customer numbers, and spacing out those queuing outside.

Inside, many supermarkets are providing hand sanitiser for customers and floor markers for till queues.



In addition, some are putting up screens between the cashiers and the public.

Other initiatives include Tesco introducing floor markings showing which direction to walk down the aisles in some of its larger stores. Morrisons has a queuing zone if there are too many customers to be separated by the floor markings, while Asda is bringing in directional barriers.

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