Coronavirus: Italy's farmers launch initiative to help those in need

The initiative provides for the donation food packages containing fruit, vegetables and other products to families in difficulty

43w ago

We have already talked about free coffees and free pizzas – and now, thanks to the Campagna Amica initiative of Coldiretti (National Federation of Direct Growers) Italian farmers have launched a new initiative to help vulnerable families.

This is the proposal of the Italian farmers of the Campagna Amica circuit to combat the food emergency caused by Coronavirus.

How does it work?

Italian citizens who receive groceries at home through Campagna Amica markets and farms can donate a food pack to families who need it most during this period.

The restrictive measures to contain the contagion have caused suspension or loss of work of many Italians, increasing the number of people forced to ask for help.

The farmer's expense includes vegetables, fruit, flour, cheeses, meats and other food products made in Italy.

Campagna Amica farmers will deliver the parcel to families free of charge, in agreement with the Municipalities.

Coronavirus is straining the whole world; it is reaping victims everywhere, but it is also giving people the opportunity to be generous. And this, somehow, fills the heart with hope.

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  • Agreed, all those who are doing this kind of selfless work are heroes. Similar initiatives are going on here in UK. As usual it's the ordinary people on the ground who are making good things happen. Good luck to you and yours.

      9 months ago
  • Always good to know that there are kind-hearted people around. I greatly admire and respect them. Hopefully the news that say that Italy is already past the worst are true. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all, stay safe!

      9 months ago
  • That's awesome

      9 months ago