Coronavirus: Mumbai’s lunch deliveries have been cancelled!

The effects of Coronavirus on Mumbai's dabbawalas

1y ago

As the saying goes, 'Mumbai is my heart and Bombay is my soul'. And what's the best way to a man's heart? Through his stomach! In Mumbai, the people who never fail to disappoint the stomach, despite any adversities that may come their way, are the dabbawalas.

Dabbawalas are a group of men that deliver lunch boxes to homes, schools and offices. They use local trains or cycles to deliver over 300 lunch boxes in a day.

The Mumbai dabbawalas run on a complex delivery system that has been studied by academics all around the world. On their first tour of India, the Top Gear team made sure to showcase the dabbawallas as they represent the hardworking and fast-paced essence of Mumbai.

During the episode, Jeremy Clarkson (in his Jag XJS), Richard Hammond (in his Mini Cooper) and James May (in his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow) went head to head with the dabbawalas, who were headed from the suburbs into the city centre on local trains. Although it was all fun and games, it showed that it's almost impossible to beat the dabbawala system without dropping lunch boxes all over the road.

Since the government has decided to shut pubs, offices, schools – likely the entire city – in the coming days, it is only fair that the dabbawalas take a much-needed break. They are known to battle through in times of crisis and the harshest of weather conditions, just to serve the people of Mumbai – the financial and entertainment capital of India.

We can all unanimously agree that good food is equivalent to a good mood. So let's hope that this global health crisis gets resolved sooner rather than later – so our good food and good moods aren't hampered for too long.

In the meanwhile, we'd like to urge everyone to follow proper guidelines and be safe. And don't forget to wash your hands!

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