Coronavirus: Online food shopping struggling

Websites down, delivery slots booked up, queues for online shopping?

28w ago


The wave of fear induced panic buying has left supermarkets' online shopping struggling to cope with increased demand. There have so far been reports of delivery slots booked up far in advance (Tesco) and Ocado's website crashing followed by the introduction of a queue system, prioritising existing customers.

There have also been issues with substitutions. With so many items out of stock, some supermarkets have been making some creative substitutions to say the least:

What's for supper? A squishy sandwich.


Now, in light of the recent government announcement telling everyone to avoid travelling, and more people to self isolate, many may struggle to get food delivered to their house.

You will have already seen plenty of pictures of empty shelves at many major supermarkets as a result of so much panic buying. So it's safe to say eating gud fud may be a bit more of a challenge in the weeks to come.

Have you had an issue with online shopping? Any crazy substitutions? Share below.

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