Coronavirus: tips for shopping during lockdown

Handy tips to help you survive the 'apocalypse'

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As the Covid-19 pandemic slows down life all over the world, with multiple countries in lockdown, it is only fair that we all take precautionary measures to safeguard ourselves and let the chaos pass.

Here are a few ways you can shop for necessities during lockdown.

Do not hoard

With limited resources available, it is only fair that we take enough for ourselves and our families so that everyone in need can get supplies.

Make a list

Shopping during lockdown has to be brisk and breezy – no dilly-dallying or loitering around pondering what to make for dinner, or trying out freebies in the store. Make a quick list of all the necessities so that you don’t forget anything.

Order online

With the help of technology and our smartphones, pretty much everything can be done sitting on the couch nowadays. Why take a risk when you can order everything online with a click of a button? So: make a list, add to basket, pay by card and check out!

Choose a non-crowded store

If you’re not too familiar with ordering online and have to go to a store to satisfy your shopping needs, choose a store that's close by – and a time when it might be less crowded. This minimises your risk of being outside during lockdown for long and helps you get home to your couch (and Netflix) quicker.

Eat before you shop

Lastly, my favourite hack is to always eat before you go shopping. This way you'll avoid munching in the store or buying more than what you require just because you’re hungry. This could turn out to be potentially useful in the absence of gyms and physical activity.

And ​don't forget about the smallest members of your family

For all the pet owners out there! Since we are stocking up on edibles, it is only fair that our four-legged, aquatic or feathered family members don’t run out of food.

What to buy

Frozen products



Canned foods

Bread and pasta


Tetrapak milk and juices

Sanitary products

Minute made noodles

Wine (to help us get through this difficult time)

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