Coronavirus update from Italy: Lombardy becomes a red zone...

We are isolated, we do not enter and do not leave. What's going on now?

1y ago

Here we are. Lombardy has become a "red zone" because of Coronavirus. The government has issued an order for the safety of all...

I'm sorry to say it, it's not just stereotypes: we Italians are refractory to the rules. But now our habits will have to change, and it is something bigger than us.

So what happens in practice?

Pubs are closed. Bars and restaurants will be open from 6:00 to 18:00 as long as they guarantee at least a meter of distance between customers. In case of violation: the sanction of the suspension of the activity.

So no aperitifs, no dinners outside, no stopping for beers after dinner, and no gatherings of people in too small areas.

It is undoubtedly a great way to contain the epidemic. Unfortunately, in these hours, I am seeing that the measure has not been much appreciated by my most fatalistic compatriots, who – trust me! – they will have dinner in someone's house, ordering food delivery, and toasting with Barolo & Coronavirus.

We hope well. This is one of the few posts that I cannot conclude with "come to Italy to taste ..."

Don't come, listen to me. See you at a better time!

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