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Coronavirus: What wines have you stocked up on?

Post in the comments what you couldn't be quarantined without.

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My current traditional method sparkling options.

My current traditional method sparkling options.

I'll spare you the novel and only list my bubbles today, and why I picked them!

Milagro Winery Brut of Aleatico

Funky, fruit and herb driven sparkling from my local wine region, the Ramona Valley AVA in San Diego.

Francois Montand Blanc de Blanc

Lean, zippy, crisp bubbles from Jura, France. Great on it's own, and cheap enough to have with OJ or in a cocktail.

Laurent-Perrier Brut Cuvée Rosé

A unique, modern day Champagne. 100% Pinot Noir. Lively aromatics. This sparkling has sex appeal.

Szigeti 2014 Brut Blanc de Blanc

Austria's answer to a classic Chardonnay based Champagne. Perfectly balanced fruit, structure, and yeastiness. And the label is a great painting from Gustav Klimpt

Lini910 2005 Método Traditional Lambrusco Rosso

Only the most excellent, expressive, potent, and beautiful Lambrusco I've ever had. It's as if you bottled a classically trained opera singer and the whole Parma Italian Orchestra.

Bollinger Special Cuvée

A classic, textbook perfect Champagne. Bollinger is one of the few Champagne producers who still ferment and age in neutral oak barrels. It's a very toasty, leesy, sparkling, and the Queen of England drinks it every day.

Szigeti Brut of Grüner Veltliner

An amazing example of alternative thinking applied to classic, Champagne methods. Made from Austrias National grape, Grüner Veltliner, it has a very atypical personality that still resembles fine Champagne or Cremant.

Henri Champliau Brut Crément de Bourgogne

Think of it as Champagne, made just south of Champagne. Crémant de Bourgogne is made from Burgundies pre-Chardonnay-era white, Aligote. It's an inarguably tasty wine. Nothing striking, nothing offensive, just kinda perfect.

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  • None. When cancer (apparently due to smoking) made my bladder into dog-food, one of my kidneys was also damaged. The desire to carry on living was sufficiently strong that I gave up smoking and alcohol. I've not looked back since. A life of sobriety is vastly better than one wasted (in every sense of the word).

      1 year ago
    • Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you’ve found the strength to carry on! I never intend on being a poor influence. With my epilepsy disorder, wine is a questionable career choice. Knowing the dangers makes educating the consumer even more...

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        1 year ago
  • Great write up. But not a fan of bubblies

      1 year ago
  • None

      1 year ago