Coronavirus: Wine sales soar as UK public prepares for lockdown

Social distancing is always better with wine

1y ago

In preparation for self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic, the UK public has taken to the internet to stock up on necessities – and wine sales have gone through the roof.

Online independent retailer Naked Wines has revealed that it’s had to resort to pausing shipments due to extremely high demand. A Naked Wines spokesperson told The Times, “Given that the current situation is changing so rapidly we've made the decision to temporarily pause accepting any more orders while we work through existing ones.”

A statement on the Naked Wines website says, “We’re experiencing an unusually high level of demand right now, so we've made the call to temporarily pause accepting any more orders, while we work through existing ones.

“We're working closely with our warehouse and delivery folk, who have their own plans to make sure their people are safe. If you are self-isolating or would prefer a no-contact delivery service, you can request to have your wine delivered to a safe place.

“We know it's important to keep the wine flowing at a time when we probably need it more than ever. So we'll continue to deliver wine as long as it is safe for you and everyone we employ.”

Since the government recommended the introduction of social distancing measures, many pubs and restaurants across the UK have closed; however, some businesses have come up with creative ways to stay afloat, such as launching takeaway and delivery services.

And it’s not just UK citizens that have been reaching for the Malbec in these testing times. The New York Times has reported that, in Boston, Seattle and Chicago, the sales of alcoholic drinks have risen from 300 to 500 percent in comparison to January of this year.

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Comments (6)

  • I have a collection of whisky 🥃- less red wine and some beer- in the supermarkets there is still enough wine.

      1 year ago
  • It’s as busy as the holidays for me.

      1 year ago
    • 1 year ago
  • Supermarkets are stripped of beer, wine, larger, crisps, meat, courgettes- luckily no one seems to be worried about vodka, so I’m safe for the next 6 months, Diet Pepsi is a bit of a worry. Can Government send everyone alcohol discount cards, just to wash our hands 😀

      1 year ago
    • Some do the sanitizing with wodka, because some idiots stole it or bought so much that now the people who need it, they use wodka. Clean the table, the hands while working...

        1 year ago
  • Bring in the wine!

      1 year ago