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Coronavirus: Would you use toilet paper as currency for coffee or food?

Due to the shortage of toilet paper, one Australian Cafe creates a bartering system

1y ago

Due to the state of people panic buying all the toilet paper, a cafe in North Queensland, Australia, Jaques Coffee Plantation, has resorted to a barter system: toilet rolls for coffee.

This barter system was created by the cafe's general manager, Jason Jaques, who noticed the shortage of toilet rolls, along with the fact that the cafe's wholesale suppliers had all run out.

He took to the cafe's social media to set up a new barter system: a take away coffee for 3 toilet rolls, or a 1 kg bag of coffee for a pack of 36 toilet rolls.

Patrons of the cafe surprisingly took up the offer. One customer bought three coffees for a pack of 9 toilet rolls. Jaques Coffee Plantation was well covered on the local news. It was reported that until their regular suppliers start up with routine deliveries again, they will continue to follow the barter system.

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Would you use toilet paper as a currency for coffee or food?

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