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Costco releases giant ready-to-drink strawberry margaritas

They’re cheap, tasty and ridiculously huge.

1y ago

In the context of food and drink, summer is frequently seen as a time for experimentation, when only the most exotic of ingredients can be used to conjure up the wildest of creations. It is the dull, dark months of winter that need the reassurance of safety and tradition.

Because I am quite traditional (a word I like to use as a more positive alternative to “boring”) the unknowns of crazy concoctions chill me to the very bone and keep me torturously awake at night with the fear of insuppressible, sickening nightmares. So, basically, boring is best (which will be the slogan of my eventual presidential campaign).

Costco is clearly very much aware of my deep disagreements with change and has obviously taken this viewpoint to heart when launching one of its latest products; now available across the country are bottles of strawberry margaritas – and you can’t really go wrong with a flavor like that.

The margaritas are special brews that have been precisely developed by Costco’s own drinks label, Kirkland. The bottles have been branded with the name “Premium Strawberry Margarita” so it is evident that its producers are extremely pleased with the final outcome and confident of its appeal to a wide consumer base.

The best part of Costco’s margarita is that it is ready-made in the bottle, meaning that you can avoid all of the hard work involved with making one from scratch. Technically, because it’s produced with 100% de agave wine, it’s actually a margarita wine cocktail, but at less than $10 for a gigantic 1.5 liter bottle does anyone actually care about the technicalities? Perhaps the only specification of interest is that each bottle has an alcohol volume of 12.7%, so it’s going to pack more of a punch than a box of fruit.

Thanks to Costco, summer just got a great deal simpler, cheaper and bigger – all while sticking to the basics that we love.

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