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Could hard tea rival hard seltz as the drink of the summer?

Move over White Claw, LQD is here

1y ago

Move over hard seltz because hard tea is here. (Ok, not actually move over, #WhiteClawforlife). But Anheuser-Busch is releasing a new line of craft bevvies that sound pretty delicious and might just rival hard seltzer has the drink of summer 2020...whatever summer 2020 ends up looking like, who knows at this point.

Anyway the guys behind the likes of Busch, Budweiser and Natty Light recently released LQD, a line of drinks aimed at the slightly more health-conscious among us. The lineup includes hard agave limeade, hard passion fruit green tea and hard peach tea. There’s also a hard hibiscus lemonade flavor that’s coming out this summer. They’re all made with natural flavors, are less than 200 calories per can and the alcoholic content comes in at 5.2-to-5.9% ABV.

"After brainstorming with brewers from across the 13 craft partners that comprise Brewers Collective, it became apparent there was an opportunity to collaborate on a unique beyond beer offering," said Marcelo "Mika" Michaelis, President of the Brewers Collective (which is Anheuser-Busch’s craft business unit). "With craftsmanship and real ingredients at its core, LQD has provided our brewers with a platform through which they can directly and creatively address consumer needs."

LQD is crafted using real fruit that is naturally fermented to create a zesty and lightly alcoholic drink. Oh, and did we mention the cans are v adorable?

Which flavor do you like the sound of? 🍑🍋🍈

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  • Ive had the ‘twisted tea’ brand, its delicious! Much better than vodka water...uck

      1 year ago