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Could you smash Britain’s biggest breakfast butty?

The meaty monstrosity is designed to destroy even the toughest of fried food eaters.

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Challenges are crucial to making the most out of life but could end in disaster if you don’t choose the right ones.

Running a marathon, for example. That may sound like an ace idea in principal, but it is an awful lot of hard work. What we all need is a challenge we can do comfortably without any stress or hardship.

That’s where Dave Blackburn from Big Dave’s Café in Bromsgrove comes in. The Worcestershire wizard has created a brash breakfast bonanza that even a drunken university student would struggle to devour at three o’clock on a Saturday morning.

Comprising five pieces of bacon, five sausages, five eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, black pudding, hash browns and even haggis, the aptly named Breakfast Challenge Sandwich is a herculean dosage of salt and fat squashed between huge mounds of bread. It’s just a shame that toast isn’t included.

Dominating the skyline at 1ft tall, the seismic sandwich hits the scales at an astonishing 5lbs – weighing the same as a particularly mega monkey. The gastro giant contains a ridiculous 4,000 calories, meaning that it would definitely take more than a daily tango around the town to burn it off.

Commenting on his Nobel Prize-worthy achievement, Big Dave said: “I couldn’t eat it all. Not even close. My advice is come hungry because you won’t leave hungry.”

Although the colossal cuisine costs £20, any customer who manages to consume it within 40 minutes doesn’t have to pay a single penny. But even if you are feeling particularly peckish, bear one thing in mind: only six people have achieved the incredible feat in six years. It might be worth having a cup of tea on standby.

How would you cope with the Breakfast Challenge Sandwich?

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