Pizza brought to you by
Pizza brought to you by

Couple pay Domino's Pizza to cater their wedding

We all love pizza, but do you love it this much?

1y ago

It's the biggest day of your life. Your family and friends are travelling from far and wide to see you commit the rest of your life to your significant other. Venue, outfits, best man, bridesmaid, honeymoon - all decided. Now for the food.

Chicken, steak and a veggie option. Standard, right? Not for Tom and Victoria Browne.

In the run up to their wedding, they thought long and hard about what to serve their guests, continually joking that if they didn't make a decision, they were going to have to order a massive Domino's. Then, after joking about it for months, it occurred to them that it wasn't such a bad idea!

They love pizza, everyone they know loves pizza, and who needs a traditional wedding breakfast when you can be guaranteed to please everyone? They got in touch with their local Domino's branch who were only too happy to oblige.

It was initially met with some bewilderment and even on the big day, people were questioning their choice. Any doubts were soon completely overridden by the magical smell of take out pizza, as her local delivery guys carried £350 worth of pizza, sides and dips into the wedding reception!

The bride said, "Most people know me and Tom just don’t do anything originally. I didn’t want traditional sandwiches or anything at the wedding, I wanted something that stood out."

We think they definitely managed that...

Would you have an unconventional meal for your big day?

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