Covid-19 - Here is a solitaire restaurant in Sweden

In Sweden he opens a restaurant with only one table for one person

1y ago

Usually, you go to a restaurant in company, but since the Covid-19 emergency began, however, between home delivery and the search for alternative solutions, we have heard everything.

Now in Sweden, he has opened a restaurant with a table and chair for only one customer at a time.

A Swedish couple, Rasmus Persson (expert chef) and Linda Karlsson, will inaugurate on 10 May a "local" called Bord för en (or "table for one") and which consists of a single table and a single chair, arranged in the middle of a field in a Swedish village.

The idea is to create the first Covid-19 free restaurant, made completely safe through maximum social distance, or solitude. The guest will reach the table by himself. The dishes will be served to him in a picnic basket through a rope connected to the kitchen window. In this way, there will be no human contact.

The menu will consist of three courses, three vegetarian dishes based on the seasonality of the ingredients such as the Swedish potato omelette, seaweed cream and caviar, the mashed yellow carrots and ginger, sweet potato croquettes and hazelnut butter and blueberry pie with gin, buttermilk ice cream and beet sugar.

The sense of this approach is to give a moment of pleasure in which to focus on food, on oneself away from PC, telephone, TV and social distractions.

The amount of the account is decided by the guest: the goal is not to get rich but to show solidarity with those who have found themselves in financial difficulties or have lost their jobs due to the emergency. Reservations are already open!

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