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Cranberry cold brew, anyone?

It’s yet another mashup beverage we probably don’t need

1y ago

In this week’s installment of *beverage you definitely don’t need or want but now exist* news, Ocean Spray has released a cranberry juice coffee.

Unfortunately, you read that correctly. It’s cranberry juice *and* cold brew coffee. In the one drink.

The mind (and the taste buds) boggles.

The new Ocean Spray Brew is a mix of cold brew coffee and flavored fruit juice, like cranberry lemonade or cranberry blueberry.

The unnecessary mashup is apparently part of the company’s “evolution toward health and wellness”, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but ok.

It’s made from 100% Colombian coffee, and each 8 oz serving contains 40mg of caffeine from green coffee beans. That’s the same as around a half cup of coffee. It also contains vitamin C, B and doesn’t have any additional sugar.

“Consumers are looking for natural ways to increase their energy, and Ocean Spray Brew provides an option to reap other health benefits while having their caffeine,” said Rizal Hamdallah, chief global innovation officer for Ocean Spray. “We’re bringing together the benefits of both health and energy in a delicious and innovative way. Brew is another example of Ocean Spray’s commitment to accelerate innovation and focus on building a health and wellness portfolio as part of our farmer-owned cooperative’s transformation.”

It’ll be on sale nationwide this month at Target, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, Albertsons, Vons and Safeway stores.

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